methods to determine ring size:

  1. follow the chart below to measure ring size

  2. cut thin piece of paper and wrap securely around finger (PARTICULARLY KNUCKLE). measure length in mm using chart below to determine size.

  3. measure diameter of a ring you own as accurately as possible

  4. visit a local jeweller to get sized accurately

please ensure to clearly note country size on order. WEBSITE DISPLAYS UK SIZING.

If your size is not available please enquire about placing a special order.

Ring Size Chart



see iNDIVIDUAL Item description for earring DIMENSIONS. ALL EARRING POSTS ARE 0.8MM.



see item description for necklace DIMENSIONS. You can use a piece of string to measure preferred length. Please get in touch for specific lengths.



standard bangle size is 2.5 inches. other sizes are available on request.

to Measure wrist close fingers together and touch thumb to little finger. wrap piece of string around widest part of hand. mark and measure string with ruler to determine hand circumference. 



please note all sizing info above is for guidance onlY.


all items are handmade therefore have handmade aesthetics. SLIGHT discrepancies OCCUR WITH item pairS.


Please Contact us with any queries you may have